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Crete and Athens in October Meghan and I decided on Greece for our next destination after considering all sorts of options. Neither of us had ever been to Greece before, we wanted someplace warm and lazy, and we were able to use airline miles which kept the overall price of the trip down. We started off beach hopping around the Southern coast of Crete after which we checked out some of the towns along the Northern coast. Finally we finished the trip off with a few days in Athens. Crete proved to be a great island to drive around with fun small roads through beautiful countryside and leading to awesome beaches. The time of year was perfect - the weather was pleasantly warm (with rain showers from time to time): Warm enough to swim and eat out at night but not so hot that it was uncomfortable walking around during the days. And we really loved Athens - again the time of year played a big part of this, I'm sure. The weather was cooler than Crete but that only made it even nicer to explore. With late dinners, a big cafe culture and a large variety of activities (from beaches to ruins) Greece (or at least Crete and Athens) has enough to keep one entertained for weeks on end (and we never even made it onto a boat!).