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A Central American trip through the jungles and out to the beach Feeling the need for a getaway I planned a trip for Meghan and I to head down to Belize. Because of schedules it couldn't be too long a trip and therefore we didn't want too long a flight. Only 2 hours flying time from Houston meant that not only was the flight reasonable but the time change was minimal. We arrived and immediately hopped in the rental car and drove up to the jungle. We explored some Mayan ruins, had fun in some caves, and even got in some zip-lining. After the jungle adventure we drove back to Belize City where we traded in our car and hopped in a ferry to the islands. There we spent a few days doing pretty much nothing, though one day we did manage to do some snorkeling. I was also having fun with my newish camera so there's a few albums of photos - of birds, sunsets, and even a local soccer competition - where I was just enjoying the picture taking. I would definitely recommend the trip to everyone - and since their currency is pegged to the dollar it's not getting more expensive to visit unlike much of the world these days..