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some motorcycle shots from Monterey For the second year, MotoGP came to Monterey and this time, I got tickets to see the event. I rode the motorcycle down on Sunday morning, opting to only see the final event (true to most motorsports, MotoGP was a multi-day event with qualifying events, exhibit events, etc.,). The ride down to Monterey was nice, as always, but the best part was the approach to the Laguna Seca racetrack which had motorcycle-only routes leading to massive parking areas reserved for bikes. It was great fun to hook up with hundreds of other riders making our way into the event. I wandered around the grounds visiting many of the booths and checking out the bikes and gear. Once the race started I viewed it from several vantage points, each with its unique appeal. Laguna Seca is a great place to watch a motorbike race and I look forward to more events in the future.