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gymnasts captured mid-routine This year for my niece's birthday, Meghan and I took her and her friend to a Cal Berkeley Gymnastics meet. Maggie really likes gymnastics. I am not a big fan of floor routines but I like the athleticism of the rest of the sport. Even so, I figured I'd bring along my camera to entertain myself just in case the meet was really long. (it turned out to only last about an hour and a half). I didn't walk away with any great shots - my 80-200 lens (even shooting at f4 or f3.2) didn't provide enough separation between the gymnasts and the background - to really shoot an event like this you've got to be closer to the action than in the stands. But as I looked through the photos when I got home I found I had a few humorous shots that froze the action in awkward positions. Something about them made me laugh so I decided to post them.