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Driving across California, Nevada and Idaho in winter I took Dylan and Bodhi (Meghan's sister's dog) on a multi-day drive across the Western US over to Sun Valley, Idaho for a few days of frolicking in the snow before Christmas. Each year Meghan's family gets together for the holidays in Ketchum and this was my second time heading out there for a few days. We had a blast even though we had to leave before Christmas so that Meghan could get back for work. There wasn't a ton of snow and the weather wasn't too cold, but - especially - on the drive through Southern Idaho there was really low clouds which dropped a lot of precipitation in the form of ice hanging onto everything. The trees, houses, wires.. I even almost snapped the antenna on my car from the build up of ice. While in Ketchum we did a little cross-country skiing and enjoyed the awesome Idaho environment.