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a small hike around Serene Lakes near Tahoe With so much snow dumping all around, I booked a small condo unit up in Tahoe on a bit of a whim, and sent out an email to anyone who would be interested in sharing in the costs and the fun. Jim, Lisa and Dave answered the call so along with Meghan the 5 of us made our way up to Tahoe where we enjoyed a Saturday on the mountainside. It was the first ski (or snowboard) of the year for all of us and with such a bad snow year last year, it was not a pretty sight. On Sunday we opted for a bit of a hike rather than another day of downhill. We drove out to the Serene Lakes area where we picked up a fire road trail out into the forest until we reached a nice overlook of the Royal Gorge. There we stopped and snacked a little before turning around and heading home.