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hiking along the north point of Point Reyes On a bright sunny fall day Meghan and I decided to drive up to Point Reyes to go for a hike. We decided to go up to the North end of Point Reyes to check out the view over Tomales Bay and to see the Tule Elk populations up there. We were not disappointed. The weather was fantastic and we got to see a few herds of Tule Elk. There was one group hanging out not far from the parking lot and another in a valley along the trail but we were surprised by the group that was grazing right along the trail. We also had the opportunity to see some red-tailed hawks and turkey vultures. There were also a couple of less fortunate elk that made for some fortunate feeding opportunities for the turkey vultures - I couldn't help but to take a few shots - they're on page 2 if you choose to check them out.