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traveling through Germany for a couple of weeks One of the goals I had when I left my job was to do some traveling.  I made it to Africa for a month and to the East Coast for a couple of weeks and after accepting a job interview, this trip to Germany would be my last trip before once again joining the workforce.   The main reason for traveling to Germany was to head over there with my dad.  He and I traveled there in 2001 and it was the last time either of us had been there.  In addition to the time with my dad I also tacked on a hike through the Alps, visiting with my friend Erica (whom I also saw last in 2001).   So the trip started in Munich, followed by an overnight train up to Berlin.  From Berlin (where I met up with my dad) we flew down to Nuremburg and then took a train over to Manheim.   I spent a total of 2 weeks in the country, visiting several areas (though I still haven’t managed to make it up to the North-West part of the country).   These albums are split into the different regions to which we traveled, each one visiting a different friend.