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Some pictures from a long weekend in the Sierra Years ago a group of us would go up to Lake Tahoe each Thanksgiving. It was a way for some East Coasters to get away for the weekend without having to trek all the way back to New Jersey or Connecticut. For the first time in a while I made it up to Tahoe for Thanksgiving, though the dinner was spent with a smaller group of Meg and Dan and the kids. During the weekend we were joined by the O'hares and the Wilsons. On Friday I went for a solo day hike up to the Bradley hut to check out the terrain around the Sierra Club's newest hut. The hike in was pretty easy, along a fire road - the ski, while being all uphill, would be pretty straightforward. The hut itself is really nice and will make for a good backcountry weekend. And the terrain around the hut should make for some entertaining, smaller runs. On Saturday the whole group went for a hike around Sugar Pine Point State Park after our initial hiking route was closed. It was more of a meander than a hike but it was fun keeping the kids entertained.