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September weekend of guns, beer and raw meat September rolls around and once again it's time for Boys' weekend. The emails start to roll, as do the ideas for how to top the last trip. This year we decided on a few items. First, aviators for everyone, mandatory. Jeb inspired this in a previous trip to Dillon beach and when Ashley found a cheap bunch online the deal was sealed. Look for them in all the photos. Second, we would spend an afternoon at the near-by shooting range. This turned out to be a great afternoon adventure. Third, despite my best attempts to divert the possibility, steak tartare for dinner. I was much less concerned about eating raw meat (I love steak tartare). My concern was much more around a bunch of guys preparing such a dish late at night on less-than-pristine surfaces, with a lot of beer in them. But, the meal was great and we were treated to a surprise of three abalones that we prepped up and enjoyed.