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annual procession to remember the recently departed The Day of the Dead festival is by far one of my favorite San Francisco events. The mix of cultures and emotions, along with the organic and spontaneous feel always promises to deliver an entertaining time. This year the weather cooperated, keeping the rain at bay but brining out the crowds. Somehow, with all of these people, the drummers seemed to disappear. Luckily I caught most of them early on in the parade. One of the highlights was definitely the little storefront which had been transfered (simply, with just a few musicians and a lot of admirers) into a New Orleans style Jazz performance space. The rhythm and spirit of this spot was awesome. Last year the weather was less than cooperative leaving a smaller procession but no shortage of photo opportunities and the year before also provided plenty of pictures but this year I was generally happier with the pics even if the procession itself was not as fun as years prior.