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Weekend getaway to the Trinity compound For Labor Day weekend we head up to the Trinity Alps for a weekend getaway at a private compound courtesy of Dan's boss. I started the weekend with a motorbike ride up the coast to Eureka from where I met up with highway 299 into the Trinity Alps wilderness. The compound was a collection of building in two groups - one grouping of buildings formed the main housing - there was a main house with kitchen and living area, sleeping quarters with a few rooms and a bathroom, and a wood-fired sauna and outdoor shower made up the third building, all surrounding a grassy field with a big fire pit. The other compound of buildings was the workshop consisting of a vehicle barn, wood and metal shops. When we weren't exploring the area (on foot, mountain bike and ATV) or hanging out by the fire, we spent most of the time around one of the creeks that ran through the property. There were a couple of great fishing holes that provided some fun rock-jumping opportunities.