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backcountry skiing out to Ludlow Hut in Tahoe After last year's trip to Pear Lake Ski Hut, we decided that Hut skiing is so much easier than snow camping.. or at least we decided that we wanted to continue the tradition of reserving ski huts. To counteract the Pear Lake ski in last year, we decided on the Ludlow Ski Hut which would not only be easier to ski into but would also be an easier drive as it's just off of Lake Tahoe. We met up and spent the night at Steve's seasonal rental and then next morning we got an early start packing our bags and hitting the trail head. We parked off near the Sugar Pine Point Park (I think that's what it's called..) and had to ski up and over a ridgeline to get to the actual trail into the hut (the trail into the hut doesn't have ample parking at its head). The ski over the ridgeline proved to be difficult for some of the less experienced in the group forcing Steve to turn around and call it a weekend - which was a too bad - he was missed for the rest of the weekend. Those of us who did make it all the way in ended up having a fun weekend and the snow cooperated and gave us some nice conditions for some downhill runs. Jim skied in after us and was able to join us for a few downhills on Sunday before heading out.