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Snow Camping at Pyramid Peak After a weekend of snowcamping in a prior year, I decided to take a group in for another fun adventure. The problem was, the person who chose the area didn't end up coming in with us - so we were less than familiar with the destination. We decided on April because we wanted a better chance of warm days in the sun. Unfortunately, given the destination, we were a little late in the year. We ended up hiking in on trails with no snow to be seen anywhere. We eventually found ourselves scaling up a wall to get up into the snow. It was ridiculous. I was fortunate (in a way) in that I had hurt my knee on an earlier skiing trip so I hadn't actually brought my skis - I just had snowshoes. Others weren't so lucky - they were carrying snowboards - which was ludicrous given the lack of snow. But, eventually we found some snow to camp on and it was a fun weekend nonetheless.