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My next stop was Hoi An I awoke in Saigon early in the morning and grabbed a cab out to the airport where I hopped a plane to Danang. At Da Nang I hopped in another cab, this time out to Hoi An. HoiAn is an old trading town along the coast that has several influences from the different trading countries that had a presence here including the Chinese, Portuguese, and Japanese, among others. The weather was getting hotter and hotter as I continued in the country, and Hoi An was unbelievably hot. Walking around the town was enjoyable as the architecture is great to look at, and the town has a feel that is accommodating to taking it easy and enjoying the vibe, but the heat made it difficult. I was constantly drinking water and other beverages (including Vietnamese Iced Coffee... yum) and stopped in at the market and got a fresh juice smoothie. I was definitely breaking all of the rules about what to eat and drink (like don't eat uncooked fruit/veggies and no ice) but I was willing to take the risk. Aside from the sights, the food in HoiAn was incredible - the best I had in Vietnam. I ate at a few restaurants and I found myself ordering more and more food - even though I wasn't that hungry - just to keep sampling what the town had to offer. While in town I made future trip plans including bus rides, flights and sightseeing trips, all through my hotel. I also got a suit made, as the town is known for having lots of tailors and cheap prices. I spent one morning checking out the Champa ruins at My Son and I spent one afternoon on a rented motorbike checking out the surrounding countryside.